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Heather offers a variety of healing services, including Angel readings, channeled readings (mediumship), Reiki, crystal healing, and the clearing and blessing of your home or office. Heather is also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, and can perform weddings and other life passage ceremonies. All readings and healing services can be provided remotely - simply call or email to arrange a session.



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Angel Readings - $100/hour

Heather channels information from Archangels, Angels, and other divine beings. She only allows in divine beings of light and good, so you can feel sure that all of the communication in these sessions comes from a gentle place of light, love, and healing, and that these loving entities want you to reach your best and highest good. These are healing sessions - these beings pass on only information that will help you heal and grow. The messages are sometimes surprising, but always helpful. Most clients feel a deep sense of peace after these sessions.
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Channeling/Mediumship - $100/hour

A psychic medium, Heather can channel your loved ones who have passed from this physical life. With the help and protection of the Archangels, Heather can speak for those spirits who have crossed over into the light, passing on messages and answering your questions. As a result, these readings are profoundly healing, bringing peace to both those who have passed and to the loved ones they have left behind.
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Full Reiki Session, Adult - $80

The first Reiki session can last as long as 2 hours; a typical follow-up session lasts 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Every session starts with a discussion of your needs and wishes for the session, followed by the Reiki itself. You will be fully clothed during the session, although you may wish to remove your shoes, watch, or similar items for full comfort and relaxation. During the session you will lay on a comfortable massage table, and may be covered with a sheet or blanket if you wish. Crystal healing can be added to a Reiki session for no additional charge.
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Full Reiki Session, Child - $60

A typical session with a child lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. This depends greatly on the child! Some children simply need to get up and move around during the session, and will get up and lay down again, which is fine. For many children, the healing happens very quickly, as well, so they are "done" sooner than an adult with similar issues would be. Children are deeply aware of their needs, so I tend to follow their lead.
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Reiki for Pets - $25

Most pets are even more aware of their needs than children. As as result, sessions tend to be short and intense, with the pet immediately presenting the problem spot for treatment. Pets usually like to wander around the room, coming back for more Reiki two or three times. Of course, some pets could just sit there and bask in the energy all day!
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Crystal Healing - Adult $80, Child $60

Natural stones and crystals each have a healing energy all their own! You can receive a Reiki treatment incorporating the use of crystals and stones, or receive a treatment based exclusively on the healing energy of the crystals. During the session, Heather places them on and/or around your body, using them to make the necessary changes in your life force energies. Depending on your unique needs, she also may provide you with one or more stones to take home with you for use in your daily life, and teach you how to use and care for them. Reiki and crystal healing can be combined for no additional charge.
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Reiki Clearing & Blessing for Home or Office - $100/hour

Heather can come to your home or office and cleanse the space with Reiki. This involves clearing any negative energies, filling the space with healing love and light, and placing protections against future incursions of negative energy. Note: Reimbursement for travel is requested for distances greater than 15 miles (for gas).
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Weddings and Other Life Passage Ceremonies

Heather is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, and can be your guide and officiant for weddings, commitment ceremonies, baby naming ceremonies and blessings, house blessings, funerals, and other ceremonies honoring life passages. Call Heather at 484.330.1236 for more information.
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