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What Is Stress?

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle.
I just wish that He didn't trust me so much."
Mother Theresa

What is stress, exactly? And how does it get such a hold on us?

In our busy, mile-a-minute society, stress often is caused by the disconnect between what we can do (or perceive that we can do), and what we have to do (or perceive that we should/have to do). Sometimes it is caused by a difficult situation in our lives: the illness or disability of a loved one, a job loss, a troubled marriage.

And in the nature of all such things, often it's not just one of these things, but many. All apparently conspiring to tie us in knots.

But have you noticed? So far, I have only described some of the triggers of stress not stress itself.

So what is stress?

For most of us, under most circumstances, stress is the state of not being here. Right here, right now. When you are stressed, what are you thinking about? What you have to do tomorrow, what you didn't do yesterday, a loss that happened last week, or last year? Running and running, and feeling like you are never getting anywhere.

Sound familiar? It does to most of us. Don't worry, I don't claim to be above all that far from it. I have, however, learned how important it is to stop. Right here, right now. Is anything awful happening to you or your loved ones right now, this very second? (Fire, flood, hurricane, bill collector unplugging your computer?) If so, then you need to stop reading this and take care of it right now! If not, well... you're OK. Really.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and let it out. Take another breath, and let it out.

Back already?

That was your first step toward healing yourself of stress, of worry, and even of physical illness. You see, I'm not here to heal you directly, but to help you heal yourself. YOU give the permission, you allow the energy to heal you or the medicine to work. This doesn't mean that you simply decide to get better and poof! you're cured! Sorry   it's rarely that easy, although it does sometimes happen when someone is extraordinarily ready. Most of us let go of our stress and our pain in stages. But your acceptance of healing is the essential ingredient.

When you have a Reiki session, you are the most important participant. From the moment you request Reiki, the healing energy starts to flow immediately, and you begin to heal. And it will flow as fast as you are ready, never faster, never slower, but always gently.

So right here, right now, allow yourself be well. Let yourself be happy. It's OK. Honest!

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